Cleaning For A Reason

Cleaning For a Reason

Some days it's hard enough to summon the energy to clean your home, even when you're fully healthy. Imagine if you were going through cancer treatment, chemotherapy, and radiation. It would be nearly impossible to keep up with your regular housekeeping work, and before you know it the place would be a mess.

That's why we are proud supporters of the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation, a unique non-profit organization that provides free house cleaning services to women battling cancer. To date, Cleaning For A Reason has helped more than 12,000 women with cancer, by providing over $3.2 million in free house cleaning services.

The benefits of free professional housecleaning services are even greater than you might imagine. Women's heartfelt testimonials tell us that their healing is enhanced because of their clean environment. Living in a fresh, clean home helps them feel more optimistic about beating cancer. Several women have told us that a clean home eases their anxiety and lowers their stress so they don't feel so overwhelmed. One woman said, "This service is so special and helpful to those of us who are losing heart and hope through no fault of our own. Just looking at my sparkling, dust-free home was enough to make me feel like my old self again." Another cancer patient said, "I cried and hugged the women who came to help is a huge burden lifted."

We're thrilled to support such a great organization, and you can take pride in knowing that every time you book a cleaning with us, you are helping support these women when they need it most.

Cleaning For A Reason

Free house cleaning services to women battling cancer.

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